Central Oregon Pass

How our Pass Program kids’ sports grants work

  1. Through schools or community groups, KIDS in the GAME finds school-aged kids, 5-18 years of age, in need of financial assistance and encourages them to sign up for sports activities that most interest them, not including camps.
  2. Youths and parents apply online to KIDS in the GAME for “sportsidies” of up to $50 to put toward the registration cost of kids’ activities of their choice costing $225 or less per season.
  3. Identified youth may apply up to four times per year once per season so they can be involved in sports year-round.
  4. KIDS in the GAME cuts checks made out to the organizations offering the activities. Families present these payments at registration.
  5. Grants available in Central Oregon

Pass Program Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application process qualifications?

Grants available to school-aged youth, age 5-18, in Central Oregon. Youth from low-income families, physically/developmentally challenged youth, or at-risk youth all qualify for the program. To complete the application, a Reference is required to validate standing of the family and/or youth.


Who are considered approved references?

Reference can be a professional in social work or family services, a school administrator or counselor, law enforcement officer, registered physician or nurse, a priest or pastor. References, other than those listed, can be considered in a written letter from the proposed person explaining their position, relation to the athlete, and an explanation of the financial situation of the family. References CANNOT be family members or from the youth sports organization/program receiving the funds.

What is the maximum grant amount?

Grants will be a maximum of $50. If the program costs under $50, the grant will cover all but $10.  KIDS in the GAME does not fund club, select programs, personal training/instruction, camps, or programs costing over $225.

How often can I apply for a grant?

Every qualified child can apply once a season (every three months) for up to four times a year.

How quickly will I receive the grant?

The application will be reviewed, in three full business days, only when the application and reference form have both been received. Approved applicants will then be notified and a check will be in the mail within 2 business days, after approval.

Who is the check written out to?

The check will be written out to the youth sports organization or the school that the child will be participating at; which is indicated in Section 3 of the Online Application. Checks will not be made out to an individual. Checks cannot be made out to individuals to fund previously paid fees.

Where is the check mailed to?

The check will be mailed to the family so they can present it at the time of registration. The family designates the address for the check in Section 2 of the Online Application.

What organizations can I use the grant at?

All youth sports organizations or schools that accept checks as payment.

Am I guaranteed a grant if I apply?

As resources allow, grant funding is applied to first come, first serve basis for all qualified youth.

What if I cannot use the grant as originally intended on my application?

Please contact KIDS in the GAME by email . We can help work out a plan to use the grant for a future program.