Volleyball is rocking at Bournedale Elementary!

USA Volleyball is empowering kids to play volleyball!

Volleyball is a fun, fast-paced and exciting game! The ball moves at high speeds while players dart around the court keeping the ball from touching the ground. Trying volleyball for the first time may feel intimidating. First-timers will often utter phrases such as, “the ball hurts my arms,” “it is too heavy to serve over the net,” and finally the most unpleasant, getting hit hard by the ball unexpectedly. For that reason, USA Volleyball is changing how we perceive the game. Minivolley increases opportunities to handle the ball and diminishes the probability of being on the receiving end of a hard hit.
Minivolley provides modified equipment such as light-weight volleyballs with skills printed on the ball, an easily manipulated and set up anywhere net-tape, and a guide book filled with tips, tricks, and games for all levels. The lighter ball allows for more reaction time; plus, the travel net-tape allows courts to be adjusted and set up anywhere. Finally, the guide-book is written by professional volleyball players and coaches giving their best games for every level, from sitting volleyball to full-court team games. Mini volleyball is designed for all ages making volleyball a sport for every skill level.

“When the students entered the gym each day the net was set up, their excitement couldn’t be contained!”

Bournedale Elementary School is a 2018 GO! Grant recipient of USA Minivolleyball which is sponsored by Franklin. As a result of Franklin’s 2018 sponsorship with GO! Grants 14,455 students are being impacted. GO! Grants are possible because of our generous sponsors. Through 2018 GO! Grants, over 70 schools are incorporating USA Minivolley Kits at school.

Physical Education teacher, Kathy Cleary loves having the new equipment, games ideas, and watching her students thrive at Volleyball.
“A huge THANK YOU to Franklin Sports for providing the equipment to Bournedale Elementary School!  All students had a chance to learn using the beachball volley trainer balls and nets this winter.  The very cool net will be used this spring outside to create multiple mini courts to practice our skills.  We learned several new games that incorporate lead up skills.
“Newcomb” is the favorite of the grade three and four students, while “mystery ball” is the game the younger students are eager to play. The older students want to play “Newcomb” at field day this year! When the students enter the gym each day the net is set up, their excitement can’t be contained!  A first-grade student shouted, ‘hey! we get to play bolley ball today!  That’s my favorite!’
As the PE teacher at this school, I can tell you, my students appreciate getting some new equipment!  I always make a big deal of it and have the students open it to help them take some ownership.  We talk about how we are so lucky to have some new equipment and how we are all responsible for taking good care of it.
Thank you GO! Grants and Franklin and USA Volleyball!” – Kathy Cleary, Bournedale Elementary School PE Teacher.