PE Warm Up at Hexter Elementary

Warming up for PE with “Lazy Town” HOPSports Brain Breaks®

Coach Bradanese at Hexter Elementary School is a wonderful example of Physical Educators working tirelessly to get their kids active and moving. 

KIDS in the GAME is excited to award Hexter Elementary School, in Dallas Texas, and Coach Brananese with a PHIT America GO! Grant. They have received HOPSports Brain Breaks® and Training System, sponsored by ACTIVE Network’s continual sponsorship and dedication to bringing activity to youth around the country.

Coach Bradanese is using Brain Breaks® “Lazy Town” to get the kids warmed up before their PE lesson of interval jogging begins.

Follow Coach Bradanese @MrBradanesePE and @kidsinthegame for future posts of the kids at Hexter Elementary staying active throughout 2018. Keep up the great work with the kids, it is a pleasure to award hardworking teachers who are setting great examples for their students.