HOPSports Brain Breaks® in Action

HOPSports in Action

Anderson Elementary has jumpstarted the New Year with HOPSports Brain Breaks®, provided by ACTIVE Networks generous contribution and passion for increasing physical activity. Thank you Anderson Elementary for sharing your kids moving and getting active using HOPSports Brain Breaks®, we can’t wait to see more throughout the year. 

HOPSports Brain Breaks® are 3 – 5 min interactive videos that have been proven to improve cognitive functioning, improve behavior, provide effective classroom management, engage all learning styles, enhance learning readiness, promote self-esteem, and increase on task behavior. Brain Breaks® can be used anywhere: Classroom, After-School programs, PE classes, Home, and even with adults or at recreation centers. HOPSports has over 300 videos available with age appropriate content for grades Kindergarten through 12th. Videos rang from roller coaster thrillers, dragon challengers, healthy nutrition options, mathematics, music, art, and many more. 

KIDS in the GAME is offering HOPSports Brain Breaks® and four other activity based programs through our Holiday GO! Grant opportunity. The Holiday GO! Grant is the fast grant application we’ve ever done. It will only take 5 minutes. We have partnered with five amazing program partners, like HOPSports, and are bringing them to your school. Check out our application on our GO! Grants page. We have thousands available to all schools Kindergarten through 12th grade. The Holiday GO! Grant closes January 15, 2018. Don’t Wait, it only takes FIVE minutes!

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