Austin Girls on the Run

ASICS, PHIT America, & KIDS in the GAME Team up to get “Girls on the Run” in Austin, Texas. 

ASICS is funding kids activity programs all across the United States.

Listen to FOX7 Austin interview Jim Baugh, with PHIT America, discussing the decline in physical education across the country and lack of funding available for today’s youth. Learn how ASICS’s sponsorship helps get Girls in Austin active through the widely popular running program called, “Girls on the Run.”

Girls on the Run gets girls active by introducing them to running while teaching them social and life skills in a spunky and fun environment designed for girls. At the end of their training the girls participate in what could be their first ever 5K run; participating, with their coaches, friends, and families cheering them on along the way.

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“When it comes to selection of walking shoes, there are a few key areas of focus to be aware of. These focal points must start with prescribing the proper usage. Are you looking for every day, all-day wear? Or do you prefer a partner to assist you on the trails? The importance of usage is at the center of the selection process.”
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