ActiveX Charity Challenge

On 10/15 I will represent for ACTIVE in an annual triathlon called the ACTIVEx Charity Challenge. For this race, I have made a personal goal of raising $1,000 that will go towards getting kids active. We will do this by “fund-racing” to give two Dallas elementary schools their P.E. back. In addition, we’ll be funding participation dollars to get underserved kids in our community involved in team sports. Personally, I was excited to give to this cause as I believe kids need exercise and activity. I believe kids need friends, teams, support, and a sense of belonging in “active spaces.” And, what is most important to me, I believe that kids need “wins.” I’ll explain this belief with a feel good story. Recently, I was running with a group of Fort Worth friends and was challenged to a 5K race by a 9 year old. Not to my surprise, he took off running a sub-8 pace, occasionally glancing back at me to smack talk and confirm I was still eating his dust. He held that pace to mile 2 and at that point, I saw him pause to walk, tiring out. I shouted at him- “I’m on your tail!” and he took off again. Soon after, I noticed him drag his feet once more. This time I caught up to him and with a huge grin on his face, he glanced at his watch and said-“I’m so tired but this is the fastest I’ve ever run!” This kid was about to beat his 5K personal record by nearly 3 minutes and he was stoked! With that in mind, we put it in gear, passed a bunch of folks, and sprinted the last half mile together. Afterward, he compared times (in which he smoked everyone & his PR), received high fives, kudos, bragging rights… and he went home with a “win.” Or better yet, a Self-Esteem Boost. Achievement. Confidence. Grit. Perseverance. Health. Support. Encouragement. All of which, we as adults attempt to fend for ourselves, daily. So, if we can continue to provide these types of experiences or “wins” to kiddos early on, wouldn’t we make a powerful impact? I imagine we would! Please join me in supporting this great cause.