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How it Works:

  1. KIDS in the GAME is providing funding to low-income families of all abilities throughout Central Oregon.
  2. Families of school-aged kids, 4-18 years of age, who are in need of financial assistance are welcome to apply.
  3. Youths and parents apply online to KIDS in the GAME for “sportsidies.”
  4. We are providing up to $150 of financial assistance to assist with registration fees, for your kids’ activities of choice.
  5. Checks will be made out to the organizations offering the activities. (Families present these payments at registration.)
  6. Grants available to all families who can produce a Free and Reduced Lunch, Head Start, or Foster Care Letter. 


  • KIDS in the GAME’s flagship program, The Pass, started in 2010!
  • The Pass has been breaking down financial barriers for underprivileged kids to play sports for almost 10 years.
  • The Pass was created to get kids off the sidelines by providing financial assistance to low-income families.
  • The Pass has now operated in 31 states.
  • The Pass has provided over 2,000 kids the opportunity to be active and thrive through sports.
  • The Pass has been possible because of our amazing sponsors; who are committed to supporting an active and thriving youth culture through sport.

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Rules of the Game

What is a 'Sportsidy?'

A “Sportsidy,” is our term for Sports Grant or Sports Subsidy. 

What are the application process qualifications?

To qualify for a Sporsidy you must meet the following: 

  1. The applicant must be between 4 – 18 years old. 
  2. Applicant must live in specified Pass location. Check specific Pass application for qualifying location/s. 
  3. Must be applying for a recreational youth sport or physical activity program
    • No Clubs, Elite Teams, Travel Teams, Personal Training, or Sport Training
    • No Tournament, Travel or Previously Paid Registration Fees
  4. Must upload your official copy of your Free & Reduced Lunch Letter, Foster Care Letter, official and recent documentation of WIC or SNAP.
What is the maximum grant amount?

We will cover up to $150 of the registration fee. 

How often can I apply for a grant?
  1. Every qualified child can apply four times a year
  2. You must wait 3 months after approval to re-apply.
  3. If you submit an incomplete or insufficient application you may reapply and submit a completed application once you meet all qualifications. 
Does each child need an application in the same family?

Yes. Please create an application for each child that you are requested to be funded.

How quickly will I receive the grant?
  • Your application will be reviewed within 2 days of submission.
  • You will receive notification of your application status within that time.
  • Approved applicants will be mailed a check within 2 business days from your approval notice.
What if I no longer have my letter?

If you reside in Central Oregon and no longer have your Free & Reduced Lunch Letter contact:
Bend-La Pine
Supervisor – Nutrition Services:
Garra Schluter


Crook County
Nutritional Services Receptionist
Kayley Woosley [email protected]

Jefferson Country Educational Services
P. 541.475.2804 | [email protected]

Redmond School District Nutrition Services
P. 541.923.8238 | [email protected]

If you no longer have your Foster Care Letter contact:
Foster Care Certifier
Christin Pickle

Do Sport Camps Qualify?

No, ‘sportsidies’ will not be awarded for Camp type programs or “Daycare” programs.

Do Club Teams Qualify?
  • No, ‘sportsidies’ will not be awarded to cover Club or Elite types programs 
Can my Travel Team apply?
  • No, ‘sportsidies’ will not be awarded for Travel Teams or travel expenses. 
Who is the check written out to?
  • Checks will be written out to the youth sports organization or the school that the child will be participating with. (Indicated in Section 3 of the Online Application.)
  • Checks will NOT be made out to an individual 
  • Checks CANNOT be used for previously paid fees.
Can I Apply Without My Letter?

No, applications without appropriate qualifications will receive an email that your application does not meet our criteria and will not be processed further.

Where is the check mailed to?

Checks will either be mailed:

  1. Directly to the youth sports organization, if it is an organization KIDS in the GAME has an existing relationship with or
  2. To the address listed on the application. The family can then present their check at the time of registration. (The family designates the address for the check in Section 2 of the Online Application.)
What organizations can I use the grant at?

All youth sports organizations and schools should accept the grant because the check will be written out to them and is considered like cash.

Am I guaranteed a grant if I apply?

Grant funding is awarded in first come, first serve fashion (for all qualified youth, as resources allow.) 

What if I lose my check?
  • Lost checks will be subjected to a “Stop Payment” fee, which will come out of the “Sportsidy.”
  • We will mail a second check with the remaining balance from the “Stop Payment” fee.
What if I cannot use the grant as originally intended on my application?

Please contact KIDS in the GAME by email or by phone at 541-508-3966. We can help work out a plan to use the grant for a future program.

Thank You to all our Generous Sponsors of The Pass

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