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We aim to fund every school with an AMPED Kit, supplied for 3 years, on the waitlist. 


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Watch this powerful documentary detailing why kids need to move.
AMPED is the answer!

The statistics are staggering:

Only 7% of kids are active to CDC Standards

9 Million kids are completely Inactive

Obesity rates have tripled in 30 years

ADHD & Mental Issues have skyrocketed

Anxiety & Depression are rising

Teen suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death



  • Gives students the opportunity to be active. 
  • Amplifies the brain to be focused for the day.
  • Gets that early morning energy out.
  • It’s a fun & safe space to be active and social.
  • Allows students to determine their own goals.
  • Promotes challenge by choice.
  • Provides positive incentives
  • Creates a foundation for a sound mind and body.
  • Provides opportunities to engage your community & build relationships between families & faculty.
  • Invite the High School Track/Cross Country team & coaches to participate, mentor, and answer questions about running.
  • AMPED aligns with CDC standards
  • AMPED is FUN!

What is AMPED?

  • An exercise program designed to get kids moving & prime brains for learning.
  • Run, walk, even dance your way to 20 – 45 minutes of exercise
  • Open to ALL students, regardless of age or ability
  • Moving & grooving to music while racking up miles & being active with peers
  • Incentives for laps earned & daily participation.
  • AMPED ZONE! = designated section in your course to practice fundamental movements, techniques, or interpretive movements. 
  • Encourages community engagement: 
    – invite your students’ parents, siblings, and grandparents to join
    – Get your teachers & staff active
    – Create challenges, games, competitions 

    AMP up everyone’s day!
  • AMPED is FUN! 

Your AMPED Tool Kit includes…


2 EcoXGear Bluetooth, H2O-proof, & rechargeable speakers

4 cones
for “AMPED zone”

Charms in 5 colors;
supplied for 3 Years!

Charms in 2 colors; 
supplied for 3 Years!

1 Banner

Stretchy-silicon AMPED
Charm Necklace; 
supplied for 3 Years!

1 AMPED Charm
Organizing & Carrying Case

1 Durable AMPED mobile
storage case; 
fits your entire AMPED Kit

AMplifying AMPED

AMPED Bumper Sticker & Window Decals

AMPED T-Shirts*

*With your school’s logo available in Youth & Adult sizes

AMPED Station Poly-spots

  • Available until March 2020

Interested in FUND-Racing?
Email: [email protected]

AMPED is the best way to start my school day! I love running with Coach Martin before school and earn charms! ~ 4th Grader @ Grahamwood Elementary – Memphis, TN

Grahamwood E.S. / Memphis, TN

We love running to the music.Our second graders have earned feet on their necklaces.Pickett School loves Kids in the Game’s AMPED.

Pickett School / Lexington, NC

I really enjoy AMPED. It helps me to stay active while I am not in sports. The speakers are also amazing and the music is the best. The prizes are cool and I love the design of the shoe with lightening bold on it. It also makes it easier to exercise. I never noticed how much I had exercised before just by walking and dancing the halls. Thank you for letting our school do AMPED. – Faye, DMS 7th Grader. 

Dillon Middle School / Dillon, MT

AMPED has been an amazing experience for my Grahamwood students! I’m amazed at how many students I get to show up before school to run! Thank you for supporting our school. ~ Coach Martin, Physical Education Specialist

Grahamwood E.S. / Memphis, TN

Thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to participate in this amazing program. We had students of all ages, parents, teachers and grandmas participate in the morning program. So many students are looking forward to it.
Thank you!  ~ Giselle, Teacher

PS/MS 31 / Bronx, NY