Let’s Play!

We want kids to get out and play before, during and after school. Regular physical activity for kids is essential for healthy development. Involvement in sports has been shown to improve academic performance, resiliency and resourcefulness.

KIDS in the GAME partners with foundations, community groups, schools and corporations to fund sports participation for individual kids and to finance programs that get kids moving. We work within schools and community structures that are already in place so the money goes furthest.

Here’s how KIDS in the GAME can help in your area:


The AMPED program is an easy to implement, morning exercise program for kids. it includes a unique program design and highly effective motivators that are fun and engaging for kids, teachers, and parents. 

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GO! Grants 

KIDS in the GAME is reaching today’s youth through GO! Grants! We are funding schools across the United States to jumpstart physical activity and impact the ‘inactivity pandemic’ by providing the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.

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KIDS in the GAME
Is Working!

Over 50,000 school-kids and 10,000 more in community programs have been supported.
150+ schools now have organized sports programs available to students.

Get Kids Off the Sidelines and Into the Game

Paying for this is a small but potent investment.
Children engaged in organized physical activities reduce their risk of academic failure, substance use, early pregnancy, or forming habits that lead to health problems.