Kids are born to move!

For kids to reach their full potential they must get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

We have two national programs that are increasing the physical activity of kids and helping them thrive in life and reach their full potential.

We are getting kids off the sidelines!
Since 2010, The PASS has been a community outlet for low-income families to get financial assistance to get their kids in sports!


AMPED by KIDS in the GAME, is easy to implement, fun morning running/walking program for schools. We provide schools with music, incentives, program management, and lap tracking. 

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KIDS in the GAME
Is Working!

Over 300,000+ school-kids plus 13,000 more in community programs have been supported.
600+ schools now have organized sports and activity programs available to students.

Get Kids Off the Sidelines and Into the Game

You can help!

Children engaged in organized physical activities reduce their risk of academic failure, substance use, early pregnancy, and/or forming habits that lead to health problems.

This is a small but potent investment!