Rugby and Recycling?

What is better than getting kids involved in sports and activities?

Getting them involved in saving the environment at the same time! At KIDS in the GAME we love hearing about innovative and exciting programs such as Ready Set Recycle. This amazing program is dedicated to minimizing landfill usage and adding to the quality of California’s soils thorough simple composting efforts via the work of sports teams such the Oakland Warthogs Youth Rugby Program in Alameda County. It encourages kids to understand the importance of recycling and sustainability while promoting physical activity and teamwork. Warthogs members were tasked with obtaining pledges in their community as well as post what they had learned through their social media to further spread the message.

You can bring this same program to your own community! Signing up is easy, just visit the Ready Set Recycle website, which offers incentives and rewards for composting food scraps, including opportunities to win prizes by taking the pledge to put all food scraps and paper that touches food in the green bin. If you do not live in Alameda county, not to fret! The website also offers links to recycling and composting programs in other cities and ways to start your own Ready Set Recycle program. All of these efforts help achieve StopWaste’s ambitious goal of keeping 90% of compostable/recyclable materials out of the landfill by 2020. As of January 2014, Alameda County is keeping 63% of compostables/recyclables out of the trash! How can you get kids in your community excited about recycling while also having fun doing physical activity?