Wheelie Across America 2.0

Kurt Osburn is an amazing man!
Not just for riding 2800 miles across America on one wheel in 45 days…
but for wanting to help at least 25,000 kids get ‘off the couch’ and become more active, fit and healthy. 

Kurt knows our kids are in trouble. He sees a society where the only real way kids are moving is…with their fingers. Rather than just watch this ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ get worse, he decided to do something about it. So, Kurt is doing something no one has ever done, ride across America on ONE wheel, and raise funds for PHIT America to expand its GO! Grant program. 

How can you help Kurt in his goal to get 25,000 kids off the couch and moving?

It is simple. Make a donation to PHIT America HERE. With a donation of $10, you will get one kid moving and physically active through the PHIT America GO! Grant program. With a donation of $100, you will get 10 kids ‘off the couch’ and moving. $100 donors will be part of an award program called the $100 Donor Reward Program where the donor gets discounts from leading sports & fitness brands. 

In a nutshell, Kurt cares about kids’ health. And when 25,000 Americans give $10 to PHIT America, you and he will help 25,000 children be introduced to a life of physical activity and better health.  Thanks for helping Kurt achieve his goal!