Kids need at least an hour a day of moderate physical activity most days of the week. They need more than one or two options available so they can find an activity that’s engaging. Why is this important for them—and for the good of us all?

For children, getting into the habit of being active means better lifelong health and improved academic performance. For everyone, it means reducing the high costs of youth misconduct and obesity.

Too many kids are growing up without PE or other athletics. And sports participation is lowest in households with lowest incomes. Money is the biggest factor in whether younger kids join up for youth sports.

KIDS in the GAME’s Mission

There are lots of reasons kids are on the sidelines—like school budget cuts, too much screen time and the professionalization of youth sports.

We think every child should be able to afford being active. KIDS In The GAME’s aim is inspiring kids to thrive in life through sports by providing the resources that get and keep kids in the game. When youth from all walks of life get included there are all kinds of good outcomes.

  • Kids learn what it means to try your best, to perform well together, to get along with others.
  • They learn what it feels like to grow in competence through their own efforts.
  • They get an opportunity for respectful mentoring from an adult outside their families.
  • Communities are strengthened as people rally around youth programs, collaborating and helping out more.
  • Problems and costs related to childhood obesity go down.
  • Kids discover newfound abilities, confidence and a desire to be physically active for life.

Let ‘Em Play

Success in sports should be focused on what individual kids want, not on whether a program produces the next Olympic medalist. We define success as early, positive experiences with sports that lead toward lifelong physical and mental health.

Through KIDS In The GAME, communities and schools can create a sports model that welcomes all children during the crucial years before age 12.

We do this by supporting organized teams, school-day programs and casual sports so children get time to play on their own terms, at youth sports of their own choosing. Our two flagship programs bring the love of the game to kids regardless of their circumstances or abilities.

  1. Pass Program — direct financial assistance to families. We pay registration fees for kids’ athletic activities.
  2. GO! Grants — grants to restore or start school P.E. programs for elementary school students.

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