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We Envision a Healthier, More Active Generation:
One Kid, One Community at a Time!


Did you know that children from low-income households are half as likely to play one day’s worth of team sports?

Knowing that 45% of kids are kinesthetic learners (learn through movement) tells us that we, as human beings, are born to move!

Given a choice, being active is what comes naturally to us, most importantly to kids; it’s fun, it helps them grow, it teaches them to live healthily and confidently, it gives them the opportunity to learn through movement. Unfortunately, paying for team fees and activities, in a safe and structured environment is a financial barrier for many families.

Every year physical education budgets decrease and activity is being eliminated or significantly reduced at schools across the country. According to PHIT AMERICA, the average P.E. budget in America is $764 dollars

The effects of Inactivity are astonishing! Kids are not getting the recommended level of physical activity they need to stay healthy and 9 Million kids are completely inactive!

KIDS in the GAME is removing the financial barriers to getting kids active. By helping kids from low-income families to register for after-school sports, participate in physical activity at school, and increase opportunities to be active; we are inspiring kids, families, schools, and communities to live healthy and active lives together.


Kids ages 4-18 get in the game

(44% Girls, 56% Boys)

4+ million
Hours of moderate to vigorous

physical activity


Sports and activities selected

by children


States where youth have been supported