Jack Pinto

2006 – 2012

Honor Jack by Getting Underprivileged Kids in the Game


About Jack

Jack was a sweet, loving and active six-year old boy who enjoyed
playing all kinds of sports, but most of all loved having fun and being
with other kids. Jack Pinto lost his life in the Sandy Hook Elementary
School tragedy on December 14, 2012. His parents, Dean and Tricia
Pinto, are committed to honoring Jack’s short life by helping make a
difference in the lives of other children across the country.

“The KIDS in the GAME team is doing incredible work and it felt natural
for us to partner with them to honor Jack’s memory and his love of play
through their organization. It is our hope that others will consider
giving in Jack’s honor to give underprivileged kids across the country
the opportunity to enjoy team sports like he did.”
-Tricia and Dean Pinto

The Pinto family has made a donation to KITG from the Jack A. Pinto
Charitable Gift Fund which will enable more than 400 children around
the country to enjoy the same opportunity to play sports that Jack had.
Please join his family and us in honoring Jack by giving youth in
America a chance to live an active, healthy, happy life through sports
and play.

KIDS in the GAME is partnering with the following organizations in memory of Jack:

Every Kid Deserves a Chance to Play

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