KIDS in the GAME Founder Brian Grossman Completes ‘Toughest Footrace on Earth’ and Exceeds Fund Raising Goals for the Nonprofit

Bend, OR, May 3, 2012 – Brian Grossman completed what is known as the “Toughest Footrace on Earth” in efforts to raise awareness and support for nonprofit KIDS in the GAME. Mr. Grossman completed the 27th annual Marathon Des Sables, a 7-day stage race covering 250 Kilometers (150 miles) through the Sahara Desert in Morocco in 41 hours and 39 minutes. He placed 317th out of the 885 competitors, representing 48 countries. Mr. Grossman carried all of his food and supplies, including daily rations of water totaling 25.5-pounds on his journey through the Sahara. He endured temperatures as low as 40F and as high as 135F, and was faced with daily distances as long as 81.5 consecutive kilometers (50.5 miles).

Mr. Grossman trained, competed, and accomplished the Sahara Challenge in support of nonprofit KIDS in the GAME, an organization he co-founded focused on inspiring kids to thrive in life through sports by providing financial assistance to help underprivileged youth gain access to sports programs. Mr. Grossman sparked the idea of competing in the Marathon Des Sables in January of 2011. Thirty plus pounds overweight and aspiring to make a change, Mr. Grossman entered the lottery used to select the 1,000 competitors, and received a spot. His 14 months of training paid off as he crossed the finish line on April 14th, 2012, seven days after the start of the race.

Faced with tremendous physical and mental challenges preparing for and running this endurance race, Brian sought motivation from the overarching goal to help underprivileged kids get fit and reap the benefits of playing sports.  Along with finishing the race and spreading awareness of the benefits youth sports have, Brian set an additional goal of raising $50,000 for KIDS in the GAME. His determination inspired people across the country to support his efforts and donate in order to help underprivileged children gain access to youth sports programs.  Over $54,600 has been raised.  “I was blown away by the number of donors across America who provided financial support to help us get kids into sports – truly inspiring,” said Grossman.

About KIDS in the GAME

Youth sports participation is essential to human development and an invaluable experience to prepare young people for their lives ahead.  Research shows that youth that play organized sports are more likely to graduate from high school and go on to college, more likely to abstain from drugs and alcohol, and more likely to success in life.  KIDS in the GAME is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on inspiring kids to thrive in life through sports.  Our goal is to empower underserved youth to live up to their full potential through positive sports experiences that form active, healthy habits for a lifetime. Through our KIDS in the GAME program, we provide financial resources to help youth from low-income families, youth that are physically or mentally challenged, and kids that are at-risk gain access to sports programs.

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